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 Global Single Family Office
We specialized in Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments

About Beamonte

Beamonte Investments is a single-family office founded in 2000 that has specialized in private equity investments and structured lending. Since Inception, the firm has executed, as principal and agent, over US$8 billion in transactions

We are active investors in private growth companies across sectors, favoring recurring revenue, capital efficiency, and protective moats. Our structure allows us to respond to special situations without mandate constraints or fundraising concern. Beamonte has offices in New York, Mexico City, and London; all considered global financial centers.

Having a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience analyzing, structuring, executing and managing investments in private equity and debt, generates synergies, and allows anticipating market trends, quantifying arbitrage, and multiplying investment opportunities.

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We are long-term investors seeking to build sustainable, scalable platforms that produce consistent risk adjusted returns.

We seek opportunities where we can engineer and scale our processes, and we structure investments to be profitable across the broadest range of market conditions or outcomes.

Once we have invested in a company, we work with them to help define their path to greatness and support them in achieving their objectives. We pay particular attention to the directors whom we appoint to our companies’ boards, looking for “critical friends” who can support and challenge our CEOs and their leadership teams


Industries that we focus on.






Creative Tech

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